2014 Music Hall

Music Hall

Aldermaston Players annual Dinner/Theatre evenings for 2014 were reminders of “The Good Old Days”. The entertainment was a variety of music and sketches set in the Victorian/Edwardian pre-1914 and Great War era. The demand for tickets encouraged us to put on an extra night of the show only, without the supper.

Music Hall

Venue: Aldermaston Parish Hall

Format: Dinner/Theatre

Director: Chris Boott



Chairman: Mr Christopher Goodchild

Musical Director: Mr David Wilcox






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Part One

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside


Entire Chorus
The Man Who Broke the Bank of Monte Carlo Song Mr Chris Faulkner & chorus
I've never Lost my Last train yet (4 verses) Song Miss Cath Hannan
She sells sea-shells Song Mr Nigel Antell
Glad to met You Sketch Miss Kim Antell
Mr Chris Faulkner
Mr Chris Boott (cameo)
What-ho! She Bumps Song Miss Tricia Goodchild
Growing Pains Sketch Miss Kerry Thomas
Mr Nigel Wilson
Mr Chris Boott
A Little of What You Fancy Does you Good Song Miss Cathy Ramsell
Who will man the Lifeboat Sketch Ladies Chorus
Mr Nigel Wilson
Mr Chris Faulkner
Mr Nigel Antell

Part Two

Home Sweet Home  Song Miss Kerry Thomas
& chorus 
Gendarmes' Duet  Duet Mr Nigel Antell
Mr Chris Faulkner
Kashmiri Song  Song Miss Tricia Goodchild
The Regiment  Sketch

Mr Nigel Wilson
Miss Cathy Ramsell
Mr Chris Boott
Mr Chris Faulkner
Mr Nigel Antell

MacDermott's War Song  Song Mr Nigel Wilson

Part Three

Your King & Country Want You Song Ladies Chorus
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl That Loves a Soldier  Song Mens Chorus
Goodbye Dolly I must leave you Song Mens Chorus
Over There Song Full Chorus
The Causes of WWI Sketch Mr Chris Faulkner
Mr Nigel Antell
Mr Chris Boott
Save your kisses till the boys come home Song Miss Kim Antell
All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor Sing-a-long The entire chorus 
& audience
Mademoiselle from Armentiers
Pack Up Your Troubles 
Long Way to Tipperary 
Goodbyee Goodbyee
Down at the Old Bull & Bush